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Extraordinary interior from Scandinavian designers – all produced sustainably 

Green Collective is an online destination for sustainable Scandinavian design. We unite local, independent designers – and connect them to conscious consumers. 


Responsible production
and consumption

We envision a world in which responsible production and consumption is the norm. Where every item is produced with the least impact possible, and where conscious consumption is natural. Where we live in harmony with our local communities and ecosystems, which shape our products, practices, knowledge and cultures. 


Connecting consumers
with designers on one
unique platform

Green Collective is a premiere online platform featuring sustainable furniture and home accessories. We unite local, independent designers and connect them to conscious consumers. We strive to inspire and encourage customers, designers, our partners and the industry to act socially, economically and environmentally responsible. 


Green Collective empower the consumer by providing a space for making conscious choices. We feature extraordinary design furniture and home accessories, each being meticulously handpicked, so it ́s easy for you as our customer to be responsible and combine ethics and design into your home.


Green Collective fosters informed decision making by providing insights to our customers and partners. We aspire to be transparent in everything we do. We tell the stories behind our products and designers, share information about production and materials, and give guidance for a sustainable lifestyle.  


Green Collective promotes localism. Our platform increases opportunity for independent designers, by scaling their reach and enhancing accessibility to the consumer. In doing so, we preserve local craftsmanship and heritage, support local suppliers and enhance local economic development. 


We aim to use our business as a force for good and measure our success in the positive social and environmental impact we create. 

Our platform empowers sustainable consumption and production by featuring interior design made with the lowest environmental impact possible, with respect for workers and appreciation for local skills and businesses. 

To support our local community, we contribute money and in-kind donations to social and environmental non-profit organizations that are dedicated to protect the environment and promote social justice.  


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