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KBH A5 interior box, Orange



Recycled Fibre Board

The KBH A5 interior box is from ELVOs classic collection, handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark

HANDMADE in Copenhagen, Denmark

Recycled paper pulp from Switzerland
Made of recycled FSC-certified fibre board/card board produced in Europe
Oxydized rivets

HEIGHT: 6,5 cm externally 6 cm internally
WIDTH: 20 cm externally, 19,5 cm internally
LENGTH: 12,5 cm
WEIGHT: 200 g

MAINTENANCE AND CARE: The box will be damaged if you use water.

The ELVO KBH interior box was custom made for Københavns Møbelsnedkeri, a renowned furniture craftsman company based in Copenhagen is now a part of the ELVOs Classic Collection. All ELVO boxes are handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark by recycled FSC-certified fiber board made in Switzerland or Denmark, which makes them extremely resistant towards wear and tear.

The ELVO box helps you to keep busy lives neat and tidy, this recycled FSC-certified fiber board box can be used for a multiplicity of purposes, from storing fashion accessories, make up and beauty products in your bath room to organizing kitchen or office cupboards. The ELVO box’s stackable and classic design make the ELVO box a firm favorite for modern and conscious interiors. Mix and match the range of colors and sizes to master the decorating maxim of classical minimalism and conscious living.

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