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LEO paper bin, Beige



Recycled Fibre Board

The LEO paper bin is from ELVOs classic collection, handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark

HANDMADE in Copenhagen, Denmark

Recycled paper pulp from Austria
Made of recycled FSC-certified fibre board/card board produced in Europe
Oxydized rivets

HEIGHT: 40,5 cm externally, 40 cm internally
WIDTH: 26,5 cm
LENGTH: 26,5 cm
WEIGHT: 1050 g

MAINTENANCE AND CARE: The box will be damaged if you use water.

The ELVO LEO paper bin was named after the founder’s, Valdemar Martin Ørstrup son, Leo, and is a part of the ELVO Classic Collection. The LEO paper bin’s width is 26 cm and the height is 40 cm, so that is fits perfectly as a traditional paper bin situated in your office space. All ELVO office supply and boxes are handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark by recycled FSC-certified fiber board made in Austria or Denmark, which makes them extremely resistant towards wear and tear.

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