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PEECHOO stool - Solid Douglas, black



100% Local Danish Douglas

A contemporary reworked stool with a silk-like surface, perfectly rounded.

Monsieur, Urbani, Schola, Peechoo is part of our series of round stools. They signify our philosophy of “earth to table”. How to create a piece of furniture as simple however stylish, as possible. Douglas is perfect for soft, round shapes that display the very distinct growth rings in the wood beautifully. Use it any way you like. As a small table, occasional seating or as display units to pose your centre pieces of artefact.

HANDMADE in Denmark

MADE FROM: 100% Local Danish Douglas, Black Primer + Black Oil


DIMENSIONS: 43 cm x 30 cm

WEIGHT: 11 kg

TMT + Virgin Linseed Oil, with this heat treatment method we produce a beautiful brown caramellised colour. Only heat and water are used. No heavy metals, fungicides or other environmentally harmful substances are added.

MAINTENANCE: Soap treated wood is very similar to untreated wood in terms of both look and feel. Soap treated wood is renowned for its exceedingly beautiful patina evolved over time. When treated with soap, the wood will become increasingly resistant to dirt over time, as its surface will thicken through daily use and become saturated when regularly washed with soap flakes. Daily Cleaning Wipe surfaces with a soft, dry cloth.

DAILY CLEANING: Use a cloth firmly wrung in lukewarm water. When encountering tough stains, you should add soap flakes. In addition to the daily cleaning, soap treated wood should be treated 1-2 times a year or whenever necessary. Use only white/natural soap flakes with no additives added.

AFTERCARE: You can gently sand the surface with sandpaper (180 grit). Sand the surface and always remember to work in the wood grains’ longitudinal direction. After sanding, wipe the surface with a dry, soft cloth in order to remove any remaining dust. Alternative, Vacuum-clean to remove any loose particles.

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