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STITCH tray - Oak



FSC Certified Danish or German Oak

Classic scale translated from architecture.

One geometrical figure in one material. A double groove joint promote the simplicity of the sides. A discreet profile assuring multiple purpose of use. The tray is a core example of our design statement that “less is enough”.

HANDMADE in Denmark

MADE FROM: FSC Certified Danish and German Oak, Untreated

COLOUR: Natural

DIMENSIONS (H/W/L): 6.5 cm 19 cm 40 cm

WEIGHT: 1 kg

MAINTENANCE: Soap treated wood is very similar to untreated wood in terms of both look and feel. Soap treated wood is renowned for its exceedingly beautiful patina evolved over time. When treated with soap, the wood will become increasingly resistant to dirt over time, as its surface will thicken through daily use and become saturated when regularly washed with soap flakes.

DAILY CLEANING: Use a cloth firmly wrung in lukewarm water. When encountering tough stains, you should add soap flakes. In addition to the daily cleaning, soap treated wood should be treated 1-2 times a year or whenever necessary. Use only white/natural soap flakes with no additives added.

AFTERCARE: You can gently sand the surface with sandpaper (180 grit). Sand the surface and always remember to work in the wood grains’ longitudinal direction. After sanding, wipe the surface with a dry, soft cloth in order to remove any remaining dust. Alternative, Vacuum-clean to remove any loose particles.

NB: Oak is particularly vulnerable to overuse of soap, as it contains much tannic acid. Oak washed in soap flakes too frequently can turn lack-lustre and grey or brown. NEVER use washing-up liquid, yellow soap, linseed oil or detergents containing iron. You should never use metal object (steel or iron) as these will interact with the tannic acid in the oak wood and may result in permanent black stains.

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