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Stool, A seat in Siena Solid oak, clear oil, glossy edition - Modern Matcha



Scrap solid oak

A seat in Siena in solid oak clear oil, glossy edition. The solid oak frame and glossy edition seat adds elegance to home.

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HANDMADE in Copenhagen, Denmark

MADE FROM: Scrap wood and in overtime. Current main producer Snedkerierne A/S

MAINTENANCE AND CARE: Clean with a damp cloth

DIMENSIONS (H/W/L): 47,5 cm 33,5 cm 33,5 cm

WEIGHT: 2 kg

A seat in Siena is produced from scrap solid wood in Denmark, they sometimes come with beauty marks. These are never patina from wear and tear, but it can for example be a small knob or a slight difference to be traced in the wood’s vein structure.
We think that these marks are beautiful and a part of, what makes a seat in Siena unique. We hope that you will cherish them too, if you should be so lucky, that exactly your stool is born with one. Wood is an organic material that evolves over time. Daily use adds to the unique character and patina.

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