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Table SK, Round Dining Table, solid walnut



Handmade in Denmark

Modern design round dining table made for indoor use.


149 cm Ø:  79.500 DKK

125 cm Ø: 76.000 DKK


149 cm Ø:  69.500 DKK

125 cm Ø: 67.500 DKK


149 cm Ø:  66.500 DKK

125 cm Ø: 65.000 DKK


MADE TO ORDER: 8-12 weeks

Get in contact with us at customerservice@green-collective.com

Solid walnut round dining table.

HANDMADE in Denmark by local craftmen

MADE FROM: Solid walnut from Southern Germany

COLOR: Brown

DIMENSIONS (H/W/L): 71 cm / 150 cm / 150 cm

WEIGHT: 80 kg

MAINTENANCE: Clean with a damp cloth

Solid walnut dining table designed by recognised architect Justine Bell. Made from South German solid walnut by local craftmen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Made to last for generations. 6- 8 pers. depending on chosen size and chair fit. Solid wood is an organic material that evolves over time. Daily use adds to the unique character and patina.

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